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LONDON TAXI REPS: What are the biggest challenges facing the London taxi trade right now?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

TaxiPoint caught up with three of London’s taxi representatives to pose four big industry questions. Over this series of four articles we’ll take a look at each question separately and the responses given.

If you can’t wait to hear full interview, head over to our digital magazine here to access the Q&A interview.

What would you say are the biggest challenges facing the London taxi industry right now?

Steve McNamara (LTDA): “Our biggest problem is maintaining and improving our access to the road network. The current ludicrous system whereby some boroughs give us access to LTNS and others don’t, where TfL give us access to all the Bus Lanes, some priority access such as London Bridge but then deny us the ability to use Bishopsgate, has to stop.

“We are easily identifiable, there is an easily accessible database of licensed taxis which Boroughs can use for ANPR enforcement. As an integral part of the public transport network, and the only one providing a fully accessible, door-to-door service, we should be able to access any and all restricted routes.”

Grant Davis (LCDC): “When I say ‘many’ what I mean is that the whole landscape of the taxi trade is changing very fast, and we unfortunately do not have any say on how the changes impact us. If I were to list them, it would be LTN’s, PHV numbers, Knowledge of London (KOL) numbers, and finally the cost of our taxi.

“The licensed taxi trade in London has 2 bedrocks, the vehicle and the KOL and unfortunately for us, our regulator, TfL has failed us on a massive scale.”

Paul Bond (RMT): “For us the big challenge is TfL’s driver policy and an ever-decreasing profit margin. The trade is not given the respect it deserves with no recognition of the investment made, both in terms of time and money, to offer the service we do.”


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