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London Uber driver allegedly swears at women and kids after being confronted over ridiculous route

A London Uber driver has been slammed by the partner of a woman who took an Uber ride in the capital. It's claimed the driver took a long detour route and then became abusive when challenged.

The journey from Buckingham Palace Road to Holborn should have been a simple route directly through town. Instead, according to the route map, the driver headed North of central London and then back down into central London.

The partner of the alleged victim, known as Turner, wrote on social media: "Disgusting behaviour by one of your [Uber] drivers. Do you think it's acceptable to put a middle finger up to passengers with children?

"This idiot took his own routes around London thinking my partner and sister wouldn't know. When told, he acted vile."

Uber has said they are concerned to hear of the incident and will investigate.


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