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Lone female passenger left on the edge of “panic attack” after creepy Uber journey in Brighton

Image credit: Pixabay

A female Uber passenger has said she was left worried for her safety during an Uber ride in Brighton.

The lone female ordered her ride via the ride-sharing app, only to be allegedly welcomed with the words "wow, hello your voice is so beautiful, so sexy, really a beautiful voice, I wish a woman spoke to me like this" by her driver when she entered the vehicle.

Speaking of the worrying incident, the woman said she began to panic when the driver proceeded to lock the vehicle doors.

Detailing her experience, the woman, said: "Constantly looking back in the mirror to see me, it was a really creepy atmosphere in the car." She said the driver was also allegedly speeding.

The situation only eased when she decided to share her ride status with a friend. It was at that point the driver went silent, the woman has said.

The driver then allegedly turned the vehicle around and headed in a different direction.

The woman said she wasn't sure whether the driver was initially going the wrong way on purpose or if he just didn't know where he was going.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, the woman said she wanted to make others aware of the incident.

She confirmed that after a couple of days, Uber contacted her and offered her a refund and said the driver would no longer be able to accept a ride from her in the future.

Speaking on social media, the woman said she won't be getting in an Uber again alone after this experience, and had contacted the police.

A spokesperson for Uber said the company was investigating the incident.


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