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LPHCA National Forum returns in May 2022 to discuss Uber ruling, DfT Best Practices and more

Image credit: LPHCA

The 2022 Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) National Forum is getting set to take place at The Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester on Tuesday 10 May.

The event marks a return of the forum post-coronavirus With attendees last experiencing the inaugural LPHCA National Forum back in 2019.

The popular National Forum in widely known for its informative industry presentations that cover the major industry issues and gives the opportunity for National Operators, Licensing Authorities, Regulators, Suppliers and more to come together to debate how the future of the Taxi and Private Hire (PH) industry is shaped.

The National Forum features a wide range of exhibitors, made up of many major suppliers to the taxi and PH industry who showcase and demonstrate their products and services.

The National Forum is a free event, with complimentary refreshments, lunch and car parking for all pre-registered attendees.

What is on the agenda?

There will be industry presentation and panel sessions covering a range of the crucial topics influencing the industry. These will comprise of industry experts, advisors, regulators, political guests and LPHCA members/partners. The audience will have a chance to have their say during the Q&A sessions, where the microphone is passed around.

The 'How can the DfT's Best Practice Guidance Consultation change things?' session will cover:

  • Permitting tinted windows and privacy glass

  • Appropriate identification, including plate signage and livery exemptions

  • Vehicle age limits

  • Ending topographical knowledge tests for PHV drivers

  • Harsh points systems

  • Driving tests

The ‘Catastrophic driver shortages and what can be done to get more drivers?' session will cover:

  • Unnecessary training, testing and costs

  • The need to increase fares

  • Solutions like apprenticeships and more female drivers

  • Unrealistic air quality requirements

  • Lack of appropriate affordable vehicles (new and second hand)

  • Better medical rules and reduced costs

Plus, coverage on Uber's High Court rulings, including likely implications for the rest of the trade UK-wide


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