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Momentum builds for black taxi Bank Junction return in 2025… but work still to be done

The campaign to get black taxis back through Bank Junction is ‘gathering momentum’ according to a prominent city councilman.

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, highlighted a growing call within the City of London's governing bodies to reassess the restrictions currently limiting black cabs from operating at this key financial district intersection.

Recent discussions within the Court of Common Council and the Planning and Transport Committee have initiated accelerated efforts to gather necessary evidence to potentially lift these restrictions. A comprehensive report is expected by June 2024, with hopes to see changes implemented by Spring 2025, although the outcome remains uncertain.

Earlier this year, data from European Mobility operator FREENOW, revealed a stark contrast in taxi service availability and cancellation rates between Bank Junction and the West End's Shaftesbury Avenue. Findings show a 20% lower pickup rate at Bank Junction during peak hours, alongside a notably higher cancellation rate and increased journey costs for passengers.

The data shows the challenges faced by both passengers and drivers in the Bank Junction area, prompting further examination of the current restrictions' impact on London's transport ecosystem. The Cabs Across Bank (CAB) campaign, spearheaded by Thomson, seeks to address these challenges, advocating for the removal of restrictions on licensed Hackney Carriages to improve accessibility, safety, and support for the city's vital sectors.

As the debate over the future of Bank Junction continues, the CAB campaign's efforts highlight the broader conversation on balancing public transport needs, traffic management, and urban accessibility in one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Thomson said: “The campaign is gathering momentum and there have been several debates at the Court of Common Council and also at the Planning and Transport Committee of the City of London.

“As a result, work is being accelerated to gather evidence to determine whether restrictions should be lifted on black cabs at Bank Junction. I am expecting a report back to the Court of Common Council by no later than June 2024 and - if successful - to see a lifting of restrictions by Spring 2025.

Thomson added: “Social media posts on the topic have had somewhere between 750,000 and 1 million impressions and that is getting noticed and there has also been some mainstream press interest.

“I must thank all those that are supporting the campaign, including TaxiPoint, the LTDA and United Cabbies Group as well as all drivers and passengers that have written to Cabs Across Bank.”


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