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Motorway middle lane hogging cabbie slammed by police for not being considerate to other road users

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Image credit: NW Motorway Police

Police have slammed a cab driver for hogging the middle lane of a motorway despite the first lane being clear to move into.

North West Motorway Police pulled the cabbie over and issued a Traffic Offence Report after attempting multiple times to get the driver to move over from the middle lane of the motorway.

According to officers, the taxi driver was travelling along the middle lane of the M60 at a speed of 60mph.

Officers had attempted to gain the driver's attention by using the message matrix board in the rear of their police vehicle, but the cabbie still didn't move over.

A spokesperson for North West Motorway Police said: "Taxi driver on M60 at Denton doing 60mph in the middle lane when lane 1 empty. Numerous attempts to advise driver by using matrix info board in rear of police car. Driver stayed in middle lane. Driver stopped & TOR issued for Driving without consideration for other road users.”


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