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‘NEVER AN EXCUSE’: Police clock car travelling at 105 MPH with children onboard

Updated: May 15, 2023

Image credit: Wiltshire Police Special Ops

In a shocking incident of reckless driving, Wiltshire Police Specialist Ops shared a photo on social media which displayed an alarming speed of 105mph caught on camera.

The incident raised further alarm bells for authorities as the driver had two young children travelling in the car with them.

The authorities have not disclosed the identity of the driver involved in the incident. However, the driver has been reported and will be attending court for violating traffic rules.

The social media post by the Wiltshire Police Specialist Ops has garnered a strong response from the public, with many demanding stricter punishments for such offenders.

A Wiltshire Police Specialist Ops spokesperson said: “There’s never an excuse for this kind of speed anywhere. Even more so when you have 2 young children travelling in the car with you. Driver reported and off to Court.”


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