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New AI camera detects 65 drivers using mobile devices and not wearing seatbelts on day one of trial

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Image credit: Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team

A new camera system which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to catch drivers using mobile devices and not wearing seatbelts detected 65 drivers during day one of its launch in Exeter.

The state of the art technology is being rolled out on select routes across Devon and Cornwall over the next two months.

On Monday the cameras were set up on the busy A30 in Exeter. AI footage captured 5 motorists using a mobile device whilst driving and 60 drivers not wearing a seatbelt.

The Acusensus system is housed in a vehicle equipped with multiple cameras which record footage of passing motorists.

Images captured by the cameras are processed using artificial AI to determine if motorists were using a handheld mobile phone or if drivers and passengers were without a seat belt.

It can also determine the speed a vehicle was travelling at the time.

Any images in which a potential offence is detected are then reviewed by a human. If an offence has been correctly identified, the driver will either be sent a warning letter or a notice of intended prosecution, depending on the severity.

Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team said via social media: “Yesterday, our partners at AECOM were on the A30 at Sowton, Exeter. The infrared cameras and artificial intelligence detected 60 drivers not wearing a seatbelt and 5 drivers using a mobile device while driving. This trial will continue forcewide.”


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