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New FIXED price taxi fares on FREENOW app aiming to boost night-time cab bookings

In a bid to entice more passengers onto the FREENOW app the mobility firm has announced the launch of its 'Fixed Fare' initiative.

Starting today, taxi drivers using the app will notice a new option for some jobs during the night hours, specifically from 8pm to 7am on weekdays. The initiative aims to provide passengers with a locked price before they book their ride.

The move comes as a response to passenger preferences for transparency in pricing. FREENOW say users are more likely to book a trip if they can ascertain the cost upfront. FREENOW's strategy is to ensure drivers don't miss out on potential earnings by tapping into this segment of unfulfilled customer demand. By offering fixed-price cabs, the company anticipates an increase in demand from a wider base of passengers, subsequently channelling more work to its drivers who are willing to take fixed price fares.

The pricing structure for these fixed fares will align with Transport for London’s (TfL) taxi tariff, aiming to replicate the metered fare as accurately as possible. These fares will be available to all regular on-demand trips that fall within the designated night-time window.

Drivers should be able to identify these trips with the words 'Fixed Fare' displayed at the bottom of the screen. This feature is designed similar to airport trip offers, where the fare doesn’t need to be manually entered post-trip; instead, it will be automatically processed by the app.


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