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Night Time Industries Association welcomes new taxi and PHV safeguarding law

Updated: May 1, 2023

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) welcomed new legislation that provides further safeguarding against not fit-and-proper cabbies throughout England.

Councils in England have been handed a new tool to tackle misconduct among taxi and private hire vehicle drivers. A recently passed law will require all local authorities to use a national database to record instances where drivers have had their licences removed due to poor conduct. The database will prevent drivers from simply reapplying for licences in other areas.

While the majority of taxi and private hire trips are safe, there have been a small number of cases that have raised concerns. A minority of drivers have been linked to incidents of sexual harassment, abuse, and poor driving. Using the national database will ensure these cases are not overlooked, and that councils can take swift action to protect passengers from harm.

This move builds on existing legislation and is seen as a positive step towards ensuring the safety and wellbeing of passengers.

Michael Kill, CEO NTIA, said: “We support the Government’s move to toughen Taxi Licensing, further safeguarding consumers and the workforce working at night. With tighter checks on drivers, we hope the new legislation will deter unfit taxi and private hire drivers from entering the sector.

“Taxis and private hire vehicles are an important part of the nightlife transport infrastructure in cities and towns across the UK, with the vast majority of drivers being responsible and hardworking.

“This is an important change which we believe will go some way in ensuring we have a safer environment to work and socialise at night.”


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