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No further changes to LEVC TX taxi roof-light in the ‘foreseeable future’

There is likely to be no further changes to the LEVC TX taxi roof-light in the foreseeable future, but feedback will play its part in future model designs.

Feedback from drivers and those trying to hail a black cab have suggested it’s sometimes difficult to see whether the roof light placed on the popular LEVC TX electric taxi is switched on or off. On a bright summer's day the issue is particularly prevalent with people trying to wave down taxis already in use.

Following early feedback from drivers and licensing authorities, some work was undertaken to improve the visibility of the light. According to the Coventry based taxi manufacturers the ‘TAXI’ text was made bolder.

LEVC are continuing to listen to feedback for future taxi model designs, but it looks unlikely that the current TX roof light will be adapted.

According to the LEVC website, a spokesperson has said: “We continue to listen to feedback we receive from drivers and passengers alike, and we're always looking for ways to improve the vehicle to ensure it matches as closely as possible the needs of our customers; it’s for this reason the taxi hire light is an update we’re considering for future model years.

“At this stage no details have been confirmed therefore we can't give an update on potential changes or when they would be implements. This is because we're very keen that any changes are properly tested. In addition, any such changes will be subject to approval from TfL which could also add time to this process.

“As TfL, and many other local authorities around the country, have approved TX for licence with no objections, this is the light design we’ll be continuing with for the foreseeable future. As soon as more information is available, we'll be certain to share it with drivers immediately.”

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