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Northern Ireland taxis set for fares review announces Infrastructure Minister Mallon

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has announced that a new review of taxi fares will commence on 14 March 2022.

The 2022 calculations will take into account the increase in cost to parts, labour, insurance and other costs which occurred over the course of the pandemic.

The targeted consultation will provide a range of options, identifying high-level short, mid and longer term issues for further consideration.

Minister Mallon said: ”In November 2021 I brought forward a range of measures to support the taxi industry as they rebuild following the Covid-19 restrictions.

“Taking account of views expressed in a targeted consultation on taxi fares and the rise in fuel at that time and other running costs I announced a 7.6% increase in the maximum fare.

“I also committed at that time to initiating a further fare review in Spring 2022, based on updated data, and am pleased to announce that my Department has now initiated a 2022 fare review. The targeted consultation process on the proposals from the taxi fare review will go forward in the new Assembly mandate.

“I am committed to helping the industry recover from the pandemic and also to operate during these current difficult times.”

The Department say they will continue to engage with the taxi industry to advise them of this progress and to assist with their recovery.


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