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Passengers "COMPLETELY UNAWARE" that their driver was not insured to be a taxi or PHV driver

Image credit :Facebook OPU Warwickshire

A man has been reported for acting as a taxi/private hire driver without an insurance policy to do so in Warwickshire.

Officers from Warwickshire Police pulled over the Citroen vehicle which had a full load of passengers enroute to their place of work.

Checks revealed that the driver did not have an insurance policy in place to transport paying customers, therefore was operating an unregulated vehicle.

A spokesperson for the police said via their official Facebook page: "This vehicle was stopped and seized. The driver was caught red handed collecting fares for transporting a full load of people to work.

"Normally you would wouldn't think there is an issue. Except the driver hadn't got an insurance policy for that purpose and is acting as an unregulated 'taxi'.

"Ironically a taxi was suggested for the driver to get home. His passengers completely unaware that they were not covered by his actions. If you are going to do it, do it properly and legally."


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