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PHV checks in Liverpool highlight a number of defects and offences from out-of-town drivers

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

Liverpool City Council, along with officers from the police force, completed private hire vehicle checks and found a number of defects and two drivers were reported for other offences.

A number of the vehicles which underwent checks were licensed by other authorities, including Bolton and Rochdale, sparking outcry from members of the public who have pointed out that drivers are able to travel from tier 3 areas to pick up passengers.

One person replied to Liverpool City Council Licensing's tweet on the activity: "All these cars are from tier 3 areas! You should be chasing them out of the city and fining them for breaching COVID laws."

Another wrote: "Have you noticed you're pulling that Manchester white Toyota Uber every week? It's a tier 3 area."

One other Twitter user replied: "It's more than a defect when you have PHVs from tier 3 running around our city doing non essential work. Turn them round and send them back. Minus their plates. Get them to explain to the licensing of their Borough what they are doing here."

Using their official Twitter account to highlight the night of enforcement, Liverpool City Council @lcc_licensing said: "Licensing officers out in the City this evening checking licensed vehicles.

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

"A number of defects have been issued and two drivers reported for offences discovered during the inspections."

TaxiPoint recently reported on a Sefton licensed private hire driver who was caught by Liverpool City Council Licensing Team illegally plying for hire.


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