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"PLEASE CHECK YOUR TYRES" says DVSA Enforcement after numerous taxi defects found in Torfaen

Image credit : Twitter @DVSAEnforcement

Officers working for the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) have reminded taxi drivers that they must check their tyres regularly after a number of vehicles had tyre defects during a day of enforcement in Torfaen, Wales.

Although most drivers may check their tyres out the outside edge and main surface of the tread, it's also important to remember to take a closer at the inside edge. This can be achieved by turning the wheels all the way in and then out to get a better look.

DVSA Enforcement took to Twitter to highlight the issues found with licensed taxis, saying: "Recent taxi checks in Cwmbran.

"Numerous tyre defects were discovered by our team. If you drive a vehicle, please check your tyres.

"Working in partnership with Torfaen Council licensing officers."

A spokesperson went on to add: "An important point of our Enforcement is the fact we are the last line. Inspections, maintenance & walk around checks prior to use would eliminate lots of defects we discover.

"We are not there to catch people out, we are there to protect the public when the basics are not followed."


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