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Plying for hire and overloading of passengers among reported offences during night of enforcement

The last 24 hours has seen Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing catch a number of private hire drivers breaking the law, including illegally plying for hire and carrying too many passengers.

Taking to social media to highlight some of the offences they've had to report, LCC Licensing put the spotlight on private hire drivers who were caught accepting fares that were not pre-booked, invalidating their hire and reward insurance.

Two drivers, one licensed by Liverpool City Council and another with a Sefton PHV plate, were caught breaking the law and accepting fares without prior booking and will now face prosecution.

Another Sefton plated PHV was suspended for driving a vehicle which had a tyre that was below the legal tread limit.

A Wirral private hire driver was also among the offenders. Licensing officers caught the driver carrying 5 passengers in a vehicle which was only licensed to carry 4.

All drivers will now face prosecution or have their licence suspended until any vehicle defects are fixed.

Image credit: Twitter - @lcc_licensing


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