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POINTS AND FINE: Nottingham PHV driver prosecuted for illegally plying for hire

Nottingham City Council's Licensing department has successfully prosecuted a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver for unlawfully plying for hire and operating without insurance.

The council spokesperson confirmed that the driver has been fined £511 and has received 7 penalty points on his DVLA licence as a result of these offences.

The prosecution underscores the council's commitment to enforcing regulations governing private hire transportation services, ensuring that drivers adhere to legal requirements for the safety and protection of passengers.

This action is part of a broader effort to regulate the private hire industry, ensuring that all drivers are properly licensed and insured, thereby maintaining high standards within the sector.

The penalty points added to the driver's DVLA licence serve as a significant deterrent to other drivers should they consider flouting the rules.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Nottingham City Council Licensing have prosecuted a PHV driver for illegally plying for hire (IPFH) and no insurance. He has been fined a total of £511 and 7 penalty points put on his DVLA licence.”


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