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Private hire driver convicted of continuing to operate despite having licence revoked

Image credit: Pixabay

A private hire driver has been convicted of a number of driving offences after a court case was brought against him by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

The private hire driver was convicted of using a private hire vehicle without a vehicle licence, no vehicle insurance and acting as a private hire operator without an operator's licence. This followed the revocation of his vehicle and licence in 2019.

The prosecution took place at St Albans Magistrates' Court in the driver's absence, as he had refused to attend.

The sentence included a £180 fine, £32 Victim Surcharge and £2,500 costs. The driver also received eight penalty points on his licence.

Nick Long, Corporate Director, Public Protection, Planning and Governance at the borough council, said: "These are serious offences, and we moved to take formal enforcement action and court proceedings to ensure public safety at the earliest opportunity.

"We work hard to establish and maintain a good relationship with all of our drivers and in return, we expect - and usually get - high standards of professionalism. On the rare occasions that this doesn't happen, we will always take swift and appropriate action, as we feel this outcome has reflected."


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