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PUBLIC PETITION: Unite Scotland calls on Scottish Government to protect the future of the taxi trade

Unite Scotland Secretary Pat Rafferty has created a public petition calling for Scottish Government to protect the future of the taxi trade as the devastating financial impact of the pandemic leaves the industry in limbo.

Rafferty has urged Scottish Government to provide financial support to taxi drivers, set up a national stakeholder group with trade union driver representatives and review low emission standards and implementation dates.

In an online survey of taxi drivers conducted by Unite it revealed the devastating impact on the trade, with harrowing stories from drivers who are struggling to financially survive. It described drivers regularly working 16-17-hour days with a shift being determined as having been ‘good’ if £50 is cleared.

Unite Scotland has also highlighted ‘loopholes’ in a number of Scottish Government schemes which have led to drivers being unable to access financial support.

According to the union, the pandemic crisis continues to have a devastating effect on the cab and taxi trade north of the border. Members of Unite Scotland are reporting a 90% reduction in income.


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