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“PUMP OUT OF ACTION”: Irritated Edinburgh taxi driver prank goes viral

Image credit: @ayrshirevanman (TikTok)

A licensed Edinburgh taxi driver was at the centre of a petrol station prank viewed thousands of times on social media.

The cabbie can be seen getting increasingly irritated in the funny video posted on Tik Tok this week.

The taxi driver is seen pulling into Calder Road BP Fuel Station to fill up at the pumps. However, the pranksters hiding in the bushes armed with a megaphone pretending to be garage assistants, repeatedly shout “pump out of action” as the increasingly annoyed cabbie shifts from pump to pump.

TikTok user @ayrshirevanman shared the video and it rapidly went viral. The clip has been viewed over 100,000 times and received over 5,000 likes.


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