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Quarter of London’s TfL and council taxi ranks DO NOT allow for nearside access, says Mayor

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Image credit: LEVC

A quarter of all London taxi ranks situated on Transport for London (TfL) or borough roads DO NOT allow for nearside loading according to the Mayor of London.

Curb side access is seen as vital to allow easier use of taxi ramps and wheelchair facilities aboard all black cabs in the capital.

London’s taxi ranks have grown in number since 2016 with 707 ranks available to drivers and the public to use. The Mayor of London called taxi ranks an “integral part of the Capital’s transport network”.

Caroline Pidgeon, a London Assembly Member, asked the Mayor how many TfL appointed taxi ranks were in operation across London and how many were fully accessible.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, responded: “I am very proud that London’s entire fleet of 14,452 licensed taxis are fully accessible.

“Each vehicle is fitted with a wheelchair ramp and has a number of additional accessibility features, including a swivel or flip down seat, a doorway not less than 1.2 metres high, low level floor lighting, high visibility grab handles, intermediate steps and inductive hearing loops.

“I recognise that taxi ranks are an integral part of the Capital’s transport network and are particularly important for disabled passengers.

“There are now 707 taxi ranks in London, exceeding the target I set out in my Taxi and Private Hire Action Plan, published in 2016, to increase the number by 20 per cent (from 500 to 600).

“There are 566 ranks on borough and Transport for London (TfL) roads, of these 424 have nearside loading which is a key accessibility feature. The remaining ranks are located on private and City of London land, as well as other types of ranks such as feeder, refreshment and event ranks. The City of London install ranks through separate legislation and many are historic, having been in place for several years. Though nearside access is requested, we have limited control over ranks that are located on private land. Similarly, event rank features can vary depending on the location and availability of road space.

“Taxi ranks provide a range of other benefits towards passenger safety, the night-time economy and ensuring passengers can complete their onward journeys from larger venues and transport hubs, for this reason some less accessible ranks are maintained.

“TfL works with London boroughs to ensure that all new taxi ranks take into consideration accessibility requirements wherever possible.”


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