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Ridehail firm Bolt introduces cost-effective nationwide dash-cam scheme

Image credit: Bolt

Ridehail operator Bolt has unveiled the industry's first affordable dash-cam initiative for drivers across the UK.

The ride-hailing giant has partnered with CCTV specialist Matrix iQ to offer this innovative scheme, which promises significant cost savings for drivers. The new programme allows Bolt drivers to purchase a compliant dash-cam for as little as £69, with a subsequent monthly fee of £11.99 for data processing.

The move addresses the often prohibitive costs associated with dash-cam installations, which can soar to £700 depending on compliance requirements set by licensing authorities. Bolt’s new offering aims to democratise access to essential safety equipment by making it affordable and accessible to all drivers, regardless of their location.

The cost of installation varies depending on the regulations in place within specific cities. In most areas, drivers can self-install the equipment, incurring just a one-off payment of £69 for the hardware and a monthly subscription fee. However, in cities such as London, Coventry, Cardiff, Nottingham, and Manchester, where professional installation is either mandatory or preferred, an additional fee of £80 is required. Manchester drivers face a slightly higher initial cost of £109 due to specific camera requirements mandated by the local authority.

Each dash-cam system comprises forward and driver-facing cameras, delivering 1080p resolution footage. The technology is equipped to support drivers in the event of non-fault collisions by providing critical crash detection data to aid the claims process. This ensures that drivers are protected and supported with reliable evidence in case of accidents.

The devices store up to 40 hours of footage, accessible via a dedicated app, and feature an SOS panic button for emergencies, which uploads footage to the cloud instantly upon activation. Drivers benefit from unlimited downloads, ensuring they can retrieve footage as needed without additional costs.

Matrix iQ’s role extends beyond providing the cameras; they offer comprehensive IT support, data management, and flexible payment plans, further enhancing the scheme’s attractiveness. Additionally, insurance broker iRevolution is backing the initiative, providing drivers with robust claims management services and related insurance products.

Jason Camilleri, Senior Operations Manager at Bolt, said: “Drivers regularly tell us that a dash-cam can provide them with additional security and peace of mind. However, buying a compliant device can be expensive, with drivers citing the cost as the main obstacle to getting one. By making dash-cams more affordable, drivers can access the tools they need to create safer environments for themselves and their passengers.”

Dylan Taylor, Insurance Partnerships Manager at Matrix iQ, said: "We are delighted to have partnered with Bolt to help drivers and passengers feel more secure with a reliable and affordable product that is fully compliant with local authority guidelines."

Scott Docherty, Broker Account Director at iRevolution Group, said: “We are delighted to work with Bolt and Matrix iQ on this shared initiative to assist drivers in adding an extra level of safety and security to their work. We hope that by providing a specialised claims service and taxi specific insurance products, that we can help when drivers need support the most.”


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