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SELFISHLY IGNORED: National Highways release video footage of pedestrian risking life crossing road

National Highways has released video footage of a pedestrian putting their own life in danger, as well as risking the safety of others, to remind the public of the vital measures in place while essential road improvements take place.

The company, alongside contractors Balfour Beatty and the Safer Roads Humber partnership, including Hull City Council and Humberside Police, is urging people to follow the pedestrian diversions around the major A63 Castle Street work in Hull city centre and stay outside of the roadworks after several dangerous incursions.

Among them is a pedestrian caught on camera ignoring diversions, crossing the city’s busiest road and clambering under a small gap in central reservation steel fencing, before narrowly missing oncoming traffic.

Bernice Sanders, senior project manager at National Highways, said: “While we plan our work to minimise inconvenience to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and residents, the measures we put in place are for one paramount reason – to ensure safety.

“People who selfishly ignore the pedestrian diversions, like climbing through fencing, to save a few minutes on their journey are putting both their lives and others at risk.”

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, a regional road safety partnership, said: “Safer Roads Humber has been undertaking speed enforcement on behalf of National Highways to manage traffic speeds to ensure the safety of the motoring public and those on the construction site whilst these road works are progressing. The majority of drivers are complying with the speed restrictions, and we thank them.

“However, on this occasion it is other road users who are putting themselves and others in danger by entering the road works. We ask them to use the designated crossings so that everyone can share the road safely.”


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