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Sherbet Electric Taxis unveil new flagship HQ in London for all taxi drivers to use

Updated: Apr 7

Image credit: Sherbet Electric Taxis

Sherbet Electric Taxis, the capital's largest fleet of electric taxis, has announced the opening of its new flagship Headquarters at 2 Parkhurst Road on 1 April, with an official launch slated for 1 May.

Asher Moses, the CEO and Founder of Sherbet and a seasoned black taxi driver himself, has extended a warm invitation to all drivers to explore the innovative hub designed specifically for the licensed taxi community. This new facility aims to improve the support infrastructure for drivers, promising round-the-clock 24/7 access throughout the year.

The hub offers an extensive range of services catering to all needs of licensed black taxi drivers. Among these are EV rentals available by shift, comprehensive taxi repairs, and taxi media advertising services. Recognising the importance of driver welfare, the headquarters also provides essential amenities such as toilet facilities and complimentary tea and coffee, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for drivers to relax and socialise.

Additionally, the hub positions itself as a safe haven for the general public, offering a comfortable and secure waiting area for passengers.

Moses, having dedicated years to finding the perfect location, envisions the new headquarters as the ideal rendezvous for drivers.

Moses said: “Whilst most fleets have moved out of London due to rising costs, I believe the iconic Licensed Black Taxi needs to always be in the heart of London if it’s to remain integral to London’s success as a modern capital city.

“Not only do I aim to make drivers’ lives as easy as possible but also to keep the Black Taxi visible and accessible for drivers, London passengers and City Hall. I hope all drivers will soon feel this new hub always welcomes them whether they need their taxi servicing or simply a cuppa and a chat with their peers.”


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