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Electric taxi firm Sherbet wins Hackney Company of the Year at the Taxi Summit Awards 2022

Electric taxi firm Sherbet won Hackney Company of the Year last week at the Taxi Summit Awards in Liverpool.


This award follows a year of significant growth for Sherbet, with 100 new LEVC taxis commissioned to the tune of £5,000,000, growth in the advertising side of the business, and groundwork laid for Sherbet to play a significant role in the future of London.

Sherbet was set up to move drivers from older diesel taxis to cleaner electric ones, neatly tying in with the Mayor of London’s ambitious target to have 9,000 zero-emission capable (ZEC) taxis on the city’s roads by the end of 2020. A challenge that Sherbet CEO Asher Moses has worked towards by running efficient and effective fleets while developing innovations to generate further revenue via advertising.


Always pushing the boundaries of taxi innovation, Sherbet’s new ZEC vehicle has a panoramic all-glass sunroof, spacious seating, in-vehicle Wi-Fi and charging, enhanced accessibility features and revolutionary green credentials.

To work towards meeting clean air standards, the company is now using data to drive a Smart City business model which is more efficient and lowers environmental impact, reducing fuel and resource waste. Sherbet aims to bring a total of 1000 electric black taxis to the road in the next 12-18 months and has invested £15m to date on this process. The business is now seeking investment of £65m and this funding will include increasing this number to 2000 – ten percent of the total London Black Taxi market.


Asher Moses said: “It’s brilliant to be recognised among our peers and to get the Hackney Company of the Year award. I hope that it reflects the work we are doing and might inspire others to address cleaner transport in every city to ensure a brighter future for everyone. I take my hat off to all drivers and fleet owners who are pressing forward with the transition to electric.”


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