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STATE OF THE TRADE: Groundbreaking national taxi and private hire survey launched by TaxiPlus and TaxiPoint

TaxiPlus, in collaboration with TaxiPoint, has launched a groundbreaking first of its kind national Taxi and Private Hire Survey to help understand the state of the trade.

The initiative seeks to gather valuable insight from drivers across the UK that can be used on an annual basis to better understand and benchmark key industry topics.

TaxiPlus, known for their safeguarding and screening services for local authority licensing teams, annually processes tens of thousands of DBS Checks for drivers. With this survey, they aim to capture a broad range of responses to understand the current state of the taxi and private hire trade.

The survey is comprehensive, covering nine sections including health and wellbeing and industry hot topics. It is open to all UK taxi and private hire drivers and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Participants are automatically entered into a draw for a £500 Amazon gift card upon completion.

This neutral and trusted survey aims to reveal key industry trends from a driver’s perspective, potentially influencing future policy changes. Running for ten weeks, the survey concludes on 15 September 2024.

Ryan Sidley, TaxiPlus General Manager, said: “It’s really exciting for us to be able to do something that could help shape the industry that drivers work in. We support thousands through the DBS Check process each year and we often hear of the difficulties and problems facing drivers. Hopefully, the information what the survey reveals can be a source of truth for all industry stakeholders.”

Perry Richardson, TaxiPoint Founder & Chief Editor, said: “I’d urge everyone in the taxi and private hire industry to have their say on their industry. 

“Since founding TaxiPoint, I have wanted to launch a neutral survey that captures the real voice of drivers from across the UK. Using this survey I hope the industry can better benchmark what’s working, and what’s not, both on local and national levels. 

“If enough drivers take the time to share their opinion this can become an important tool used to influence policy change at Government and local authority levels to make the industry better for everyone.”


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