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Stevenage taxi driver hit with £4,000 fines and costs after having no active licence and insurance

A taxi driver was hit with fines and court costs amounting to over £4,000 after being found to be driving without an active licence or adequate insurance.

Stevenage Borough Council initiated legal action, resulting in a court hearing in September. The driver Mr Paul Notley pleaded guilty to all 12 charges brought against him.

Operating a taxi without the proper documentation not only contravenes the law but also invalidates any existing insurance, exposing passengers to significant risks.

As a result, Mr Notley has been automatically disqualified from driving for six months due to accumulating 36 points on his licence. He has also been fined a total of £1,680 and was ordered to pay costs amounting to £2,345.22. This culminates in a grand total of £4,025.22, payable in monthly instalments of £200.

Councillor Claire Parris, Chair of the Licensing Committee, said: "It’s essential that we lead by example and ensure that any wrongdoing within our taxi services is recognised and reprimanded. All our licensed drivers abide by these rules and Mr Notley was fully aware of the consequences of what he was doing.

“This case only contained a small specimen sample of the number of charges that could have been applied for. It was deeply concerning to learn that someone who had responsibility for vulnerable people, undertaking SEND School transport and hospital trips would allow this to happen."


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