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SUPER SLICK: Manchester minicab reported for tyre depths of just 0.13mm

Updated: May 10, 2023

Image credit: GMP Manchester City Center

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) reported a private hire vehicle working in the city centre for an exceptionally worn and dangerous tyre during its latest crackdown.

GMP Special unit officers were part of an operation in the Northern Quarter of Manchester on 27 April.

Officers were looking at vehicle speeds, sign compliance and whether motorists were using the bus gates correctly.

In a social media post, officers shared an image of a heavy worn tyre being used on a licensed minicab in the area. The tyre tread was worn down to a depth of just 0.13mm.

A GMP Manchester City Centre Police spokesperson said: “Balding tyres and private hires…. Our GMP Specials have been out in the Northern Quarter this week monitoring speed, traffic sign compliance & bus gate activity.

“Highest Speed detected - 36mph in the 20 mph limit. Baldest tyre on a private hire had just 0.13mm of tread.”


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