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Supreme Court set to deliver long-awaited verdict on Uber workers’ rights case next week

The Supreme Court will soon announce a long awaited workers’ rights judgement that could affect the way private hire drivers and other gig economy workers function in the work place.

Next week the Supreme Court will determine whether ride-hailing firm Uber must provide its drivers basic workers’ rights, which includes holiday pay and the minimum wage for the hours they work.

The legal action is being brought by Uber drivers, represented by law firm Leigh Day, who argue that Uber should provide its drivers with paid holiday and ensure they are paid at least the minimum wage.

The hearing at the Supreme Court was heard back in 21 July 2020. The judgement will be provided remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic at 9.45am Friday 19 February.

The judgement follows a long line of court hearings and appeals. In October 2016, the Employment Tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are workers and entitled to workers’ rights.

The ruling was upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in November 2017 and the Court of Appeal in December 2018.

If the drivers succeed at the Supreme Court, the case will then return to the Employment Tribunal which will decide how much compensation drivers are entitled to.

Steve Garelick, GMB Regional Organiser Logistics, Gig Economy & Local Government, said: “I am delighted to advise we will see the outcome for the Uber Supreme court case next Friday 9.45am which will also in effect give the outcome for the Addison Leigh case as well.”


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