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Taxi and PHV private members’ bill aiming to ‘overhaul’ licensing set for September second reading

A Private Members’ Bill that will focus on ‘overhauling’ licensing within the taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) industry will face its second reading in September.

The MP presenting the new bill, Darlington’s Peter Gibson, said the bill was needed to keep up to pace with ‘rapid innovation’ and to manage the ‘evolution’ in public transport.

The ‘Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (safeguarding and road safety) Bill’ will be read for a second time on 10 September, where it is expected the taxi and PHV industry will learn more about the proposals set out.

According to the Northern Echo, Peter Gibson MP said: “There is a need across the country for an overhaul in the way taxi and PHV licensing happens. In an age of rapid innovation in mobility, digitisation, decarbonisation, and passenger safety, it is important that our legislation around taxi and PHV is fit to manage this evolution in public transport.

“There is an appetite among all MPs, regardless of party, to ensure that we as a Parliamentary body continue to ensure that all passengers are protected from unsuitable drivers who shouldn’t be driving.

“With the help of colleagues across the chamber, my Private Members Bill will ensure that the authorities can cooperate fully with one another to prevent unsuitable drivers taking the wheel and endangering our constituents across the country.”


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