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Taxi drivers in Ribble Valley district could see DECREASE in late night fare tariffs

Ribble Valley Borough Council are poised to engage in a debate with taxi representatives over the potential reduction of night-time taxi fares.

The move aims to address concerns around the higher late-night rates Hackney Carriages charge during unsociable working hours.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, there is discontent expressed by both customers and trade representatives over the existing fare structure, particularly around the surcharges applied post-midnight and during high-demand periods such as Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Despite recently rising costs in insurance, vehicle maintenance and fuel, taxi driver representatives are calling for lower late might tariffs.

Stephen Barker, the borough's solicitor, presented a report to the licensing committee that laid bare the taxi drivers' grievances. They argue that the current charge of £6.75 for the initial mile, followed by £1.05 for each subsequent fifth of a mile, is too high. This pricing model, which tacks on a 50% uplift to the standard day rate—a formula used between 2006 and 2022 —has come under scrutiny.

In his comprehensive report, Barker revealed that while Ribble Valley's rates are on par with several north-western authorities, including Rossendale, Lancaster, and North Yorkshire, all imposing similar uplifts, there are areas where lesser increases of 20 to 33 percent are the norm.

The licensing officials now face the task of debating the drivers' need for fair compensation with the public's demand for reasonable fares.


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