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TAXI DRIVERS: Is your radio on or off when passengers are onboard?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Having the radio on when a passenger enters a taxi has split cab trade opinion according to a recent question put to cabbies.

According to a TaxiPoint readers, slightly more cab drivers have the radio on when passengers hail down a cab. It is worth noting that while the music or talkshow is on, the audio is at a level where it can’t always be heard by the customer sitting in the back cabin.

Favourite radio channels for cabbies include TalkSport and LBC for talkshow platforms, and easy going listening channels Magic and Heart rank highly when it comes to music.

More tech conscious cabbies also choose to link up mobile devices to play their own music via Spotify or listen to podcasts.

Nearly 150 cabbies shared their thoughts with TaxiPoint when asked whether their radio is on or off when customers get in.

Many drivers agreed with Gary Green who said: “It's always on but the volume is set at the right level so that I can still hear the customer talking to me in the back or front seat of the car.”

Trish Lea said: “On but not too loud, if people want it turned up I will, and we can have a singalong.”

Graham Watson said: “Depends, rank passengers on but low volume on front speakers, corporate clients always off.”

Cabbie Wayne Garforth said: “Generally off until customer has been dropped off unless its a long journey and customer not very talkative then its on at low volume.”

Of those drivers who don’t pass the time away listening to the radio or audio, the main reason to turn off was to maintain professionalism.

Cabbie Kieron Nagle said: “Off... anything else is un-professional.”

Billy Cullen said: “Off, but for less chatty customers on longer journeys I ask them if they would like music.”


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