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Taxi passenger arrested after tripping and dropping lock knife in front of police

Image credit: Merseyside Policing Unit

A routine traffic enforcement stop led to the arrest of an individual for carrying a concealed lock knife in Liverpool.

The incident occurred during Operation Lamella, a Merseyside Policing Unit initiative focusing on traffic violations and public safety.

A taxi was pulled over for speeding on Childwall Road by officers engaged in the operation. As the vehicle came to a stop, a passenger unexpectedly alighted from the taxi. The passenger tripped and fell, leading to the inadvertent discovery of a lock knife that fell from his pocket.

A Merseyside Policing Unit spokesperson said on social media: “Whilst engaged on Operation Lamella, a passenger alights from a taxi stopped for speeding on Childwall Road. Whilst we wondered what was happening, said passenger then trips over and drops lock knife from his pocket and is detained and arrested. Some people make it very easy.”


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