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Taxi specialists Patons Insurance triumph in digital marketing excellence at prestigious awards

Updated: Jun 20

Image credit: Patons Insurance

Patons Insurance clinched the coveted Excellence in Digital Marketing award at the British Insurance Technology Awards yesterday.

The family-run firm has been commended for its strategic partnership with digital marketing experts, leading to a significant uptick in online visibility and brand recognition.

Over the past year, Patons has seen a remarkable surge in individual hire-and-reward customers, reaching nearly 10,000 – a 16% increase from the previous year’s 8,600. This achievement is attributed to a comprehensive marketing overhaul initiated in 2022.

The new strategy has propelled the company’s website traffic, with a monthly average increase of 143%. Conversion rates from visitors to leads have also improved, and search engine optimisation efforts have driven a 219.4% rise in organic traffic.

Sponsored by Insurance Post, the British Insurance Technology Awards celebrate innovators transforming the industry through digital advances and pioneering approaches. Patons’ recognition highlights its leading role in reshaping insurance marketing.

Chris Pracy, Patons Insurance head of business development and marketing, said: “We are honoured and proud to receive this award.

“We faced a number of issues with our online presence and developed a digital marketing strategy that allowed us to leverage the combined benefits of a full-spectrum campaign.

“Our new approach to marketing ensured our customers were able to find us easily and engaged with us when they did. Our content creation and social media approaches have helped increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

“Our brand refresh in September, 2023, reflects the modern insurance offering ‘For people who drive for a living’ and our new approach saw us end the 2023-24 financial year with 100% self-generated enquiries.

“We have also taken on several new staff which will help us to increase focus on other areas of passenger transportation, including chauffeur, minibuses and coaches, with further plans to launch a goods transportation division.”

Chris added: “It has taken more than 18 months to implement our new digital marketing strategy and to be recognised with this award is testament to the commitment and hard work of the entire team. To see positive results across the company also gives us new levels of confidence.”


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