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"The usual mix of red light jumpers on bikes" plus 4 illegal pedal bikes sparks police interception

Image credit : Twitter @MetCycleCops

A day of enforcement across three London boroughs by the Metropolitan Police's Cycle Safety Team saw a number of cyclists caught jumping red lights and even some riding illegally adapted pedal bikes.

The Met Police attended Southwark, Westminster and Lambeth to conduct enforcement checks on cycle behaviour.

Using their official Twitter account @MetCycleCops, the force highlighted a number of offences.

A spokesperson for the police, said: "Today visited Southwark, Westminster and Lambeth.

"The usual mix of red light jumpers on bikes, and vehicles with no insurance or MOTs.

"Also 4 illegally adapted pedal cycles seized. The one pictured was going uphill without pedalling. Why?"

Officers said the offender replied "I can't pedal. I have no chain".

Twitter users jumped on the post to have their say, with one replying: "These types of bikes will cause death or injury if they're not taken off the road. I've seen them doing 50mph."

One user asked the question: "To most people who don't know, these bicycles appear to be ebikes, could you explain the difference between approved ebikes & illegally adapted?"

In reply, bike enthusiast 'Big Dave' said :"Pedal assist bikes with a 250w motor are legal, anything over 250w are classed as mopeds and should have a Number Plate, moped driver's licence, insurance, VED, MOT if over 3 years old etc.

"The bike pictured looks to be at least a 750w motor."


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