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UBER CLAIM: How much are London taxi drivers looking to pocket in compensation from Uber?

Updated: Mar 3

Around 11,000 black cab drivers in the capital have joined forces in a monumental legal battle against Uber, which could be worth ten’s of thousands to each driver.

The lawsuit, known as the RGL BULit21 claim, seeks to recover losses incurred by taxi drivers due to Uber's operations from June 2012 to March 2018, potentially setting a precedent for other cities in the UK.

The legal action, spearheaded by the drivers and orchestrated by RGL BULit21, is inching closer to a resolution in 2024. Each claimant stands to reportedly gain approximately £25,000, with expectations of netting around £18,000 after legal fees and expenses. The financial claim for last earnings highlights the impact Uber's presence has had on traditional taxi drivers, highlighting the ongoing tensions between traditional and the ridehail giant.

In a strategic move to safeguard the interests of the taxi drivers, RGL BULit21 has already successfully concluded negotiations for funding and After The Event (ATE) insurance. This arrangement ensures that all legal costs for the nearly 11,000 taxi drivers involved will be covered regardless of the lawsuit's outcome. Furthermore, the arrangement includes a reduction in the funder’s profit share from 30% to 27.5%, thereby increasing the potential payout for each driver involved in the claim.

This court action is seen as not just about financial compensation; it's also seen as recognition during some challenging years for the industry between 2012 and 2018.


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