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UBER CLAIM IS IN: London taxi drivers launch £250m legal battle against Uber

Today, over 10,500 licensed black cab drivers, represented by RGL Management, are taking legal action against ride-hailing giant Uber. Filed in the High Court under the title "BULiT21", this lawsuit alleges significant losses due to what they claim were Uber's unlawful operations in London from May 2012 until March 2018.

The basis of the claim is unlawful means conspiracy arising out of actions taken by Uber to obtain, improperly, a Private Hire Vehicle Licence, as granted to them by Transport for London (TfL), pursuant to the terms of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1988. The Claimants will allege that Uber's operating system did not comply with the requirements of the Act; that Uber knew this at all material times; and that in order to obtain its licence Uber deliberately misled TfL as to how that operating system worked.

The Claimants will further allege that Uber's intention was to gain market share unlawfully and, by necessity, take business from existing black cab drivers.

Today's legal filing in the Commercial Court represents 10,887 cabbies, with expectations that more will join the fray, potentially pushing the claim's value beyond £250 million, interest included.

In a symbolic gesture, a procession of black cabs will circle Lincoln’s Inn Fields at midday in support of the legal challenge.

Eligibility for joining the group action extends to any licensed green or yellow badge driver active in London between June 2012 and December 2018. For those who drove full-time during this period, the potential compensation could exceed £25,000.

RGL Management has noted a daily increase in registrations and is urging drivers to sign up before the imminent deadline. The claim is risk-free for participants, with costs covered by ATE insurance, ensuring that drivers will not face financial burdens should the claim fail.

Michael Green, Director, RGL Management, said: “RGL is pleased to file this claim form today on behalf of over 10,500 London cabbies, a major legal milestone in holding Uber to account for its failure to comply with the relevant legislation in the UK’s capital.

“The claims are fully funded and insured and all concerned are confident of achieving a successful conclusion through the courts.

“There are still thousands of cabbies eligible to join who have not yet done so. A cut-off date is fast approaching. RGL therefore urges drivers to register with the BULiT21 legal action as soon as possible to join with thousands of fellow cabbies in the pursuit of losses suffered at the hands of Uber.”

Dale Forwood, a London taxi driver for 12 years, said: “I am delighted to see this claim being filed today and that we will finally have our day in court. Having seen for myself the harm that Uber’s unlawful behaviour has caused to hard working cabbies, I look forward to justice being served. RGL’s model means that all drivers who join, many of whom may have a claim of many thousands of pounds, do so at no financial risk. I am urging any others out there to do so before it’s too late.”

Garry White, an experienced black cab driver for 36 years, said: “This claim seeks justice and fair compensation on behalf of cab drivers across London. Uber seems to believe it is above the law and cabbies across London have suffered loss of earnings because of it. It is time they were held to account.”


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