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Uber drivers to PROTEST outside TfL offices claiming failure to regulate

The App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) are set to stage a demonstration today against Transport for London (TfL) over their alleged failure to adequately regulate and supervise Uber and Bolt.

February 2023 marks the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling against Uber. The ADCU claim that the global ride-hailing firm are still not complying with the ruling which centred around workers’ rights.

The union argues that drivers are still not being paid for waiting time and are also pushing for a higher HMRC reimbursement rate, currently set at 45p per mile. The reimbursement rate is used to assess costs when calculating minimum wage.

ADCU are demanding that TfL ban algorithmically driven dynamic pricing by all licensed operators. The union are insisting that Uber and Bolt obey all employment law in full as a condition of licence.

The union's demands also extend to Uber and Bolt. The ADCU are looking for fares to increase to at least £2.50 per mile and for the operator to take no more than 15% in commission from its drivers.

Abdurzak Hadi, Organiser and Chair of ADCU London, said: “Two years have now passed since the Supreme Court ruling and things are worse than ever with drivers working longer and longer hours to scramble for less work and lower pay.

“London’s hardworking minicab drivers feel, at best they have been let down Transport for London, Uber & Bolt; at worst, they have been conned. But the situation is worse than just regulatory negligence. By assisting the platform operators by ramping up licensing while delaying implementation of agreed safety standards, Transport for London is actively compromising the safety of drivers and the travelling public.

“The regulator is contributing to congestion and poor air quality the city and plunging drivers into poverty. Transport for London should be in special measures.”

James Farrar, General Secretary, said: “The Mayor and Transport for London failed in their duty when they gave Uber the green light to set loose such dangerous and predatory algorithms in what is supposed to be a closely regulated market.

“Passengers and drivers are, directly and indirectly, unfairly targeted for personal auto-exploitation. Vulnerable passengers are placed at risk when service is denied or unfairly priced while driver pay is unfairly held down by means of employer tacit collusion and with individuals targeted for black and grey listing.”


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