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Uber, taxis and private hire vehicles all checked as West Yorkshire Police conducts major compliance operation

Image credit: West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police, along with the DVLA, conducted a comprehensive inspection of taxis and private hire vehicles (PHV) operating within the Kirklees region.

This action formed part of a larger crackdown to ensure vehicles were safe and legally compliant.

During the week-long operation, 51 licensed taxis and private hire vehicles across Dewsbury and Huddersfield were stopped and inspected.

The checks were thorough, focusing on vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and legal compliance. Encouragingly, only a few minor issues were detected, suggesting a generally good adherence to regulations among local operators which included ridehail giants Uber.

The initiative formed part of National Licensing Week objectives. Further inspections are planned as police officers continue their push on licensing enforcement, ensuring taxis remain a safe and reliable mode of transport for the community.

Inspector Mark Pattinson of Kirklees Police said: “Keeping people safe is our primary role as police, and the recent licensing week has seen officers work across our communities to check on businesses and services we all use day to day, to ensure they were operating safely. 

“It was particularly positive to note that no serious issues were found in the 51 Kirklees licensed taxis which we checked, and I want to thank those drivers for their co-operation.”


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