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Uber tops list as UK’s ‘most hated brand’ according to data based on negative Twitter posts

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Ride-hailing firm Uber has topped the ‘most hated brand’ list in both the US and the UK according to new research based on negative Twitter messages.

RAVE Reviews compiled a list of some of the biggest global gaming, fast food, tech brands and ISPs within the UK and US. Using Twitter’s API, they then pulled tweets mentioning these brands.

The team at RAVE Reviews then used language analysis tool SentiStrength to determine the sentiment of tweets (considering tweets with a negative component from -5 to -2 as negative). Aggregating the data by country and US states, they calculated the percentage of negative tweets and ranked the brands to reveal what they described as the most ‘hated’ in each region. For all countries, brands without at least 10 unique users tweeting about them were omitted

Ride-hailing service Uber received the highest negative-tweet percentage (47.88%) of all brands in the UK. The firm beat other big brands including Nissan, ESPN, Pepsi and Sony to top the leaderboard.

Recently Uber have been inundated with complaints of high-surge price fares, drivers cancelling, and a lack of available cars at peak-times.

RAVE Reviews are seen as an evolution of a traditional product review site. Their team specialises in writing fun, informative reviews of lifestyle products that are backed by data and supported by stylish design.

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