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Uber unveils 'Advantage Mode' trial for top reliable drivers to earn more

Updated: Jul 1

Screenshot credit: Uber

Uber is set to introduce 'Advantage Mode,' a new feature aimed at enhancing driver earnings and providing exclusive ride requests to its most reliable drivers.

This pilot program will be rolled out in select cities starting in the US next month, with the initial launch in Sarasota from 8-11 July, followed by other cities including Austin, Miami, and Phoenix.

Advantage Mode is designed to reward drivers who maintain high standards. To qualify, drivers must have an acceptance rate of at least 25%, a cancellation rate of 8% or less, and a star rating of 4.85 or higher. From 2 September, a CMT driving score of 75 or more will also be required. Drivers meeting these criteria will earn 5% more on UberX and other non-premium rides compared to those in Standard Mode.

The program will operate on a daily eligibility check, where drivers’ acceptance and cancellation rates from the last 100 trip requests will be reviewed. Drivers meeting the requirements will enter Advantage Mode for that day, benefiting from higher earnings and more direct ride requests. Those not meeting the criteria will revert to Standard Mode, receiving more ride requests through Trip Radar without the 5% earnings boost.

The rollout will be gradual, with the first phase in Sarasota, followed by multiple cities including Charlotte, Columbus, and Kansas City. Uber plans to notify drivers in these areas before the program starts.

There has been no indication yet whether the trial will extend out of the US into the UK market.


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