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Uber vehicle seized by police for having no insurance despite previous warnings

Image credit: Twitter-@HantsPolRoads

A private hire driver has had his vehicle seized after roadside checks revealed that he had no valid insurance.

The Toyota Prius, which clearly has Uber signs on the doors, was stopped in Eastleigh, Hampshire, by Hampshire Roads Policing Unit during the early hours of 3 June.

On further inspection, it came to light that not only did the driver fail to insure the vehicle, he had previously received a warning letter reminding him to insure the car.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police (@HantsPolRoads) said: "This taxi [private hire vehicle] was stopped in Eastleigh in the early hours showing no insurance.

"The driver had already received a warning letter informing him that he required insurance, but failed to take action. The vehicle was seized."

The driver is now likely to face charges of driving without insurance, and will have to face his respective licensing authority to determine whether he is 'fit and proper' to hold a private hire driver's licence.


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