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UK motorist campaigner Howard Cox will stand as Mayor of London candidate

One of the UK’s best known driving campaigners Howard Cox will stand as a candidate for London Mayor.

Cox, who set up FairFuelUK, has run one of the country’s most successful campaigns of recent years, stopping over £200bn of planned tax rises by creating a coalition of millions of grassroots activists, Parliamentarians and media to keep fuel duty frozen year after year.

He is currently fighting against ULEZ, LTNs and the tax cash grabs aimed at motorists.

Cox is now throwing his weight behind Reform UK as the party’s Mayoral Candidate, saying no other party truly supports London’s 5 million and the UK’s 37 million drivers and he has a bold plan for the capital. Cox will lead a campaign fighting on many issues affecting Londoners daily, calling to “Scrap ULEZ, Cut Crime and Ditch Khan”.

Party Leader Richard Tice said: “Only Howard Cox can defeat Sadiq Khan. He will be the only candidate who will get London moving by scrapping all ULEZs, and LTNs and he has a huge following amongst London drivers.

“The Tories cannot win in London, their brand is broken beyond repair, they will merely split the anti Khan vote. They already know that their supporters and donors agree with Reform UK’s policies. They should do the right thing for London and stand aside, as we did the right thing for the country and stood aside for them in 2019.”

Howard Cox said: “Anyone who lives or travels in and out of London under Khan’s regime can see the vast social and economic damage he has done to our brilliant capital. Today, millions struggle to get a doctor’s appointment, have seen their communities infested with rising crime and violence and can’t afford to drive into their city.

“We’ve seen low-income families, workers, sole traders, and businesses fleeced by this Mayor’s anti-growth agenda. “It’s time someone stood up for millions of ordinary Londoners who are the heartbeat of our capital. They don’t need another elitist politician only interested in self-promotion through baseless virtue signalling.

“Now is the time to tackle the issues that really matter. As Mayor I will listen to Londoners and guarantee to act on their behalf. London deserves better.”


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