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Vaping banned in ALL Mendip licensed taxis and private hire vehicles

The use of vaping devices has been banned in all Mendip District Council licensed taxis and private hire vehicles.

Councillors have approved an amendment to the current Taxi Licencing Policy to introduce a ban on using alternative devices such as electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and any other form of inhalation device.

Mendip District Council has responsibility for the licensing regimes for both hackney carriages (taxis) and private hire vehicles (PHVs) within the Mendip District.

The ban, which will apply to both drivers and passengers, was introduced to improve public safety and protect communities.

The ban was first raised at a Licencing Board last October. Members were unanimous that regulations around vaping should be included in the Taxi Licencing Policy, and that a short consultation be undertaken with the taxi trade.

The results of the consultation found that 85% of those that responded think vaping or use of E-cigarettes should be banned at all times in licensed vehicles.

Cllr Sam Phripp, Chair of Licencing Board, said: "The role of any Licensing Authority is to keep people safe and make sure that those approved to drive taxis, sell alcohol or run events are fit and proper to do so.

"We want to make sure our residents and visitors have safe and enjoyable experiences when using taxis in the district and this ban brings e-cigarettes in line with the smoking ban in licensed vehicles, and will ensure a positive journey with all of the brilliant licensed drivers in Mendip."


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