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Watch the moment a tailgating driver skids last second across lanes to access petrol station

Image credit: Derbyshire Police

The driver of a car which was caught on dashcam tailgating and then skidding across lanes last second to gain access to a petrol station has been banned from driving for 12 months.

The astonishing footage of the incident, which occurred in August 2020, has been released by Derbyshire Police.

In the footage, the driver of a black BMW can be seen driving extremely close to the vehicle in front, while travelling in the outside lane of a dual carriageway.

A petrol station can be seen emerging on the left hand side of the road and just as the BMW was nearing the forecourt of the station at high speed, it can be seen sharply turning across the inside lane and skidding sideways into the petrol station.

Officers have said they are astonished no one got injured and the vehicle was lucky to not collide with any others.

The driver had first claimed that something had got caught under the pedal, causing the car to skid. But a number of witness statements, along with this footage, suggested otherwise.

After eventually pleading guilty, the driver, a 19 year old man, was handed a 12 months driving ban.

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