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‘We are trying to earn a living here’ says frustrated cabbie after London taxis block Brighton ranks

Image credit: Andy Peters (@CabsBrighton)

“We are trying to earn a living here” says Brighton cabbie after wave of London taxi drivers enjoying the sea and sand park their cabs on working taxi ranks.

GMB representative Andrew Peters has warned cabbies visiting the seaside city to park their vehicles in private car parks, rather than block working ranks for Brighton and Hove City Council licensed taxi drivers.

Two images of black cabs with Transport for London (TfL) licences displayed were shared on social media to highlight the issue facing drivers in Brighton.

Peters said: “If you are a London licensed cab and you visit Brighton please do not use our ranks for private parking.

“This one was parked in the middle of our busy seafront rank for 3 hours today... we are trying to earn a living here!”

Peters also shared a second image of a London taxi parked up on a working Brighton taxi rank. Peters said: “And another one this evening just now using our rank for private parking.”

Image credit: Andy Peters (@CabsBrighton)

London taxi drivers responded to the images and posts on social media. One said: “Liberty. I’m sorry you had to post this, brought shame on our trade.”

Another added: “Absolutely embarrassing. But I’m really not surprised.”

It was reported that one of the cab drivers pictured received a Penalty Charge Notice for illegally parking on the working rank.


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