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What will Hartlepool’s latest taxi fare increase look like if approved?

Hartlepool Council is proposing an increase in taxi fares for yellow hackney carriages operating from designated ranks. This change will not affect private hire vehicles.

Licensing officers highlighted that Hartlepool’s current rates are significantly lower than the national average.

The planned increase will apply to two tariffs between 7am and midnight. However, the pricing for bank holidays and the festive period will remain unchanged.

Part of the proposal includes raising the additional charge for carrying five or more passengers from £2.50 to £3.00.

During the consultation, 81 hackney carriage owners were contacted, with 16 supporting the increase, eight opposing it, and the rest offering no comment.

Residents will have a 14-day period to express their views on the proposed changes. Should there be any objections, the matter will return to the licensing committee for further consideration.


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