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Why it’s sometimes a big no for taxi drivers to drop passengers on a rank and then pick up after

Taxi drivers across the UK work to an unwritten etiquette system that helps the industry run in an orderly and fair way.

One of those rules within the etiquette, usually governed by drivers themselves, includes not setting down on the front of a rank and taking the first job if taxis for hire are available behind you. This practice, likened to queue jumping, undermines the unwritten code of conduct that governs cabbies from London to Glasgow and nationwide.

The significance of setting down at the back of the rank and joining the queue, ensuring fairness and respect among drivers. This approach not only maintains harmony, but also upholds the professional image of the taxi service in the region.

It is acknowledged that in certain situations, drivers may need to drop off passengers directly at a rank. In such cases, the expectation is that they should promptly leave the rank and re-join the queue at the end if there are cabs waiting behind them.

If the rank remains empty with no visible hire light looking to join the rank, then that cabbie can join the rank next. To avoid conflict with other drivers, cabbies should look thoroughly for any available cabbies about to join the rank.

This emphasis on fair play and mutual respect for colleagues highlights the ongoing commitment to providing a reliable and efficient service to their communities and visitors alike.


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