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Wigan licensed PHV suspended after Merseyside Police find driver with pocket of ‘white powder’

Image credit: Merseyside Police

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver was handed a suspension on his licence after Merseyside Police officers found ‘white powder’ in his pocket.

The driver of the Wigan licensed minicab was also tested for drugs which came back positive.

A Merseyside Roads Policing Unit spokesperson said: “Numerous taxi licensing breaches led to a suspension notice for this private hire from Wigan. Driver stopped on Edge Lane travelling to collect a pre booked fare from the city.

“The bigger issue was the white powder in his coat pocket and positive drugs wipe.”

The latest find comes as a licensed taxi vehicle was seized by police officers after the driver of the cab tested positive for drugs.

The driver of the silver TX4 was arrested by police after checks were carried out on the vehicle and the driver. The taxi stopped in Liverpool City Centre was deemed to have no insurance and the driver recorded a positive drugs test.


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