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Woman who was banned from driving caught riding an e-scooter while UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL

A woman has been disqualified from driving after she was found to be riding an electric scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

On top of that, at the time of her arrest, she was serving a ban from driving for a previous offence.

The court result has been highlighted by Hampshire Police via their Hampshire Roads Policing Unit Twitter account.

A spokesperson for the force, said: "A woman has been disqualified from driving after being caught riding an e-scooter whilst impaired.

"At the time she was already banned from driving. A reminder for all that drink driving an e-scooter can get you banned from driving any vehicle."

The tweet sparked responses from the general public, with one pointing out: "As she was already banned, what difference is this likely to make to her behaviour?"

Another said: "I'm sure the disqualification won't stop her. These people never learn."


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